Jason's Books & Coffee
New and used books, coffee and snacks, and a literary space.

New Hours Starting Oct. 1

It's been a bit wonky running a business during, well, business hours. Most coffee shops are open in the early morning or late into the

Upcoming Closures, Events, & Somesuch

Happy mid-summer! May your warm-weather months be filled with nothing but joy and excellent reading. (I just bought a copy of Demon Copperhead by Barbara

Happy Independence Day!

We're closed on Tuesday, July 4, to celebrate America's Independence. Stay safe, read good books, and pray the aliens do not invade. (And if they

At the Beach!

So that the team may enjoy the beautiful tranquility of the Lake Michigan shoreline, we're closing the store all day on Wednesday, June 28. See

We Have Standards!

It's worth sharing with y'all what standards we set for facility cleanliness, product freshness, guest comfort, and building security, so you can be assured that your visit to Jason's will be a happy one.


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