Jason's Books & Coffee would be delighted to host your literary activity. Send an email to our hello@ account with the details and we'll get you squared away.

Writers' Groups & Book Clubs

Reading and writing are essential to the well-balanced soul. We support your efforts by offering a comfortable and accessible space to engage more deeply in the literary arts.

The conference room. Not pictured: The TV, the loveseat, or the cat and his toys.
  • Small groups of up to six are welcome during business hours at any time, without notice, and without cost, with seating in the cafe area or the events space.
  • Groups of up to eight are welcome to use the conference room. Booking is dependent on availability, so prior notice is required. Use during normal business hours is free; use outside of our normal business hours is $25/hour, with discounts available depending on circumstances. The conference room includes access to the kitchenette and to our office cat, Theon. It's provisioned with a white board, a TV that supports device casting, and a chair and loveseat combo.
  • Groups affiliated with the Grand River Writing Tribe may always use the conference room for free regardless of the operating hours.

Readings, Author Events, & Launch Parties

Celebrating a new book? Want to host a literary salon? Our events space will work for you.

Ready for the doors to open before a launch event in October 2022.
  • Rental is $50/hour with discounts liberally available depending on circumstances.
  • Outside catering is welcome. Alcoholic beverages permissible if certain insurance-related criteria are met.
  • We offer 80 folding chairs and 16 six-foot tables that can be configured as you need.
  • The space features a white board and can include a TV for projection, as well as a podium and a microphone system.
  • We offer free Wi-Fi and plenty of electrical outlets along the walls.
  • Event rental includes access to the kitchenette and, as needed, the conference room. The building offers two fully provisioned restrooms.
  • If needed, we can process retail transactions on your behalf, with a 3% fee on card transactions to cover our processing costs. (No fee on cash transactions, and we will assess and pay relevant sales tax on your behalf.)