Starting in mid-January, 2024, we offer retail shelves to crafters and local small businesses that want a fixed point-of-sale location for their wares.

Each shelf is 12" by 24", with about 18" of vertical clearance. Fifteen shelves are available. You control your shelf; you decide what products go on it, how they're arranged, how things are priced, and what sort of promotional signage you make available. We do not charge rent for the shelf, but we do take 10 percent of all sales to cover our interchange and minor administrative costs.

Items must not be short-term perishable or subject to age restrictions for sale. For example, we cannot sell your homemade daggers or the eggs your hen laid yesterday or the bottle of mead you brewed last month, but we can sell things like knitwear, art, and shelf-stable foods like honey. We can also promote the services of local professionals provided that you are licensed in your trade: just drop off some flyers, business cards, or a simple sign and we'll do the rest, although having some sort of salable good (e.g., a gift certificate) is helpful.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Send us a note to our hello@ address telling us a bit about yourself – who you are and what you'd like to sell. Individuals or businesses are both welcome. Preference goes to sellers located within 25 miles or so of our location.
  2. We'll set you up with a shelf, provided what you sell is consistent with our mission as a bookstore-and-coffee-shop space and that we have shelves available. (Depending on what you're selling, perhaps more than one.)
  3. You provide the products (you manage the shelf) and each product must have its own price associated, either by label on the object or by a simple pricing sheet we can keep up front. We will provision a single SKU for your goods. You are welcome to provide propaganda — business cards, flyers, a small sign — at your discretion.
  4. We will ring up sales by SKU, pricing each product according to your own specification.
  5. On a schedule we decide together, we will periodically reconcile your inventory we have on hand against our sales records and remit 90 percent of the list price of these sales.
  6. We pay Michigan sales tax, which is assessed atop of taxable items as per Department of Treasury guidelines.
We don't believe in zero-sum games. We are also open to promo material from "competitors" including other bookstores and coffee shops. A rising tide lifts all boats, and all that!