Jason Gillikin

Jason Gillikin

Jason is the owner of Jason's Books and Coffee. He's an experienced literary professional and an all-around swell guy.

Upcoming Schedule

Autumn is here! Are you ready? The next few days are busy with prep for Comic Con, so our hours are changing this week.

Closed 10/26

Sorry to be a turkey today, but owing to some late-breaking medical things, the bookstore is closed on Thursday, October 26, 2023. We anticipate being

October Events

We've scheduled four exciting craft-of-writing events in October. Come join the fun! No purchase necessary.

We're Growing! And Changing!

Holy Moses on Steriods, Batman! Things are getting more interesting, just in time for the arrival of Autumn. New Hours Effective Monday, Oct. 2, 2023,

New Hours Starting Oct. 1

It's been a bit wonky running a business during, well, business hours. Most coffee shops are open in the early morning or late into the


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