So, how about that lovely June heat wave? Good thing we have a giant plexiglass dome that traps heat with almost perfect efficiency. 😅 Here's to hoping that July will be a bit more, uh, modest.

Nothing beats the heat of summer quite like a good book, though. We've got thousands — literally thousands — of books in all sorts of genres ready to be loved again. Stop in to buy, sell, or trade a used book. Grab a latte and a table and get some writing done. And spread the word! It'd be lovely to see even more folks pass through the stacks each day.

Going to the Dogs

Many of you have met Chloe, the elderly, leaky chihuahua who serves as our security guard. Soon, you'll meet Phoebe — an older Paws with a Cause dog who's approaching retirement. Phoebe has been the service dog for our friend Brandon, and as he prepares that transition for her, Allison (the dojo owner) will periodicaly take Phoebe for some extended vacation time. Some of that time will be enjoyed in-office. So if you see a golden retriever slouched in the corner, don't worry: Phoebe is likely better trained than your children are.


  • We're closed on Friday, July 12, and Friday, July 26.
  • From July 8 to August 26, we're opening on Mondays at 11 a.m. instead of 10 a.m. This change accommodates a trial martial-arts program for at-risk students, run through Fourth Form Martial Arts Studio.
  • On the first few Tuesdays of July (2/9/16) we will open a bit later. We don't know when – between 11:30a and 1p. These dates represent the last three chemo treatments for our office administrator, Cade.

Literary Salons

The salon program is still running strong. Activities lined up for July include:

  • July 3: Game night! No specific programming.
  • July 10: Book Club: Foundation (Isaac Asimov)
  • July 17: Discussion Club: Evil: So What?
  • July 24: Craft Conversation: Poetry! Or, Why Working in Verse Makes Your Prose Sing with Joy
  • July 31: Book and author festival. Details to come.

If you're reading this far, you're a true friend of the bookstore. Thank you for your commitment to independent bookselling!