It's been a bit wonky running a business during, well, business hours. Most coffee shops are open in the early morning or late into the evening, or both. But us? Not so much. But we are open during parts of the karate studio's hours, which is not ideal for either business.

As such, starting on Monday Oct. 2, 2023, we're changing our hours as follows:

  • Open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • On Wednesday, we're open until 7 p.m. Special literary events will be scheduled for Wednesday evenings.
  • We are closed Saturday and Sunday, although special literary events may be scheduled for Saturday afternoons.

To ensure folks have good coverage, we're expanding the team. Brittany will be helping out on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and Cade our office administrator will still be here on Wednesday and Friday mid-day.

Temporary Closures in September

To finish inventory reconciliation and to accommodate two out-of-town trips this month, we're closing the bookstore entirely on Tue/Wed/Thu Sept. 19-21, and again Fri/Sat/Sun Sept. 28-30.

These closures should ensure that we can open with our new hours on Oct. 2 with a pristine and well-organized shop to amaze and delight you.

Changes to Book Buyback Program

We're also changing the parameters of our used book buyback program.

Going forward:

  • We ask that you fill out a (very simple) form and leave your books with us. They'll be inspected and inventoried on Wednesdays and Fridays. We will no longer offer cash over-the-counter because our accounting person got crabby about the lack of a paper trail.
  • We're changing the price points of buyback. Very small books — pamphlet sized, or tiny kids books — are paid out at $0.50 each. Most "normal" paperbacks at $1. Rarer or more substantial books (e.g., textbooks) will be paid out at up to $2.50 each. When we inspect/inventory the product, we'll calculate what we owe you and prepare an envelope for you to pick up.
  • We still offer one-for-one trades at no cost, for comparatively "like" books.

We encourage folks who find value in the buyback program to continue bringing books, but also to encourage friends and family to stop by to purchase books from us. We've incurred a significant negative cash flow over the last few months because we're buying far more than we're selling, a prospect that's not sustainable. We hope these program changes help us to provide value to readers across the area  so we can continue to offer the buyback program for many years to come.

See y'all soon!