We've been busy book beavers lately — we took in more than 1,000 books in May thanks to the semi-retirement of a friend who's been in the used-book business for quite some time.

Relatedly, we've taken in enough rare or expensive books that we're about to launch an online marketplace for those items. The online store will also sell a range of book- and writing-based merch. Stay tuned for a link later this month!

Although all the inbound books aren't yet alphabetized and stickered, they're all on the correct carts and all the carts are correctly tagged. And what better way to get a feel for how we've evolved than though a 7-minute video walkthrough of the current state of the bookstore?


Other Updates


  • We are closed on Friday, June 14, for a staff in-service. We'll also be closed on Thursday and Friday, June 27-28, for a business trip to central Ohio and for a community camping adventure in Northern Michigan.
  • We now offer shelves (for free!) to local crafters.
  • We sell self-published and traditionally published books by local authors and presses. Consignments welcome.
  • Come to the Literary Salons on Wednesday evenings! Tonight's activity – the monthly book club – is reading Violet Evergarden, the book series for the anime.
  • Need to write or edit in peace? We've got tables. And coffee. And light snacks.

Summer is coming, friends. May your dog days be filled with great books!